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This page contains all testimonials that were submitted via our Testimonials submission page. You are very welcome to share your experience with HDD Unlock Wizard!

“I have a Western Digital Caviar Black 1-TB drive. I used boot n nuke to wipe it and set a password for the session. After it was complete, The drive was locked. It wouldn\'t except the password I used. This software unlocked my drive! Thanks a million!”

Jason Smith

“Hello, My name is James Faircloth, owner of Computer Logics in Fayetteville, NC. I wanted to thank you for HDD Unlock! I tried for 2 days to unlock the HDD password and just couldnt succeed. I searched online and for only $20 you saved me and the customer time and money! So thanks again!”

James Faircloth

“Dont waste countless hours, like I did, searching the web in countless forums for unlocking software that probably doesnt exist. Within an hour after downloading, my drive was usable again!

Its worth every penny! Thanks HDD Unlock Wizard!”

Jeff P

“Fantastic service guys, really slick payment system, smart site and straightforward program.

Thank you so much for your help. Another site wanted to charge me $50, but at $20 for a 250GB drive, the price is right to get back the use of an old drive. Many thanks again.”

Greg Musser

“I'd just like to thank you guys at HDD Unlock for successfully unlocking my Seagate 7200.10 250GB IDE (ST3250820A) drive!

The total process took about 90 minutes and now I'm happily using my hdd again.

Once again, Thankyou!”

Justin M

“Excelent software! Unlocked my old xbox hdd in minutes. Super fast processing of unlock code and software accepted instantly. And the best bit of all is the price! I will highly recommend this software to friends.”

James Archer

“If you've tried the rest, then try the best!!!! Unlock Wizard done the job in less than 30 mins. Fast and efficient, a quality product! Many thanks”

Ron Fraser

“I don't often buy utilities because of the fear they don't really work. In this case a friend had an 80 gig hd that became locked some mysterious way. They were on the verge of throwing it away. I came upon this product and did the analysis. For $10 I was able to successfully unlock and reuse the 80 gig hd. Thanks guys. Good job.”


“WOW.. I thought i would never get my HD back.. I spent at most $10 USD to unlock my hd $4.95 for my unlock card and $3.50 for 2.5 -> 3.5 adapter.. (ebay) took about less then 30mins.. incredible.. I didn't think it was possible but I was proven wrong.. THANKS HDD UNLOCK”

“It really works! Had a 120Gb 2.5" WD harddrive locked and I was just about to throw it away. Then i saw this website and decided to give it a go. I'm pleased i did so, now i have my drive in use again.”

Tommi L.

“I had a laptop with a password a customer put on a harddrive and it would have costed our company 150.00 from acer to unlock this hard drive. I have no computer training and this was some what difficult to figure out, but with a little help from a friend with his knowledge we fixed the problem for 14.95. We are still in disbelief but, this took care of the problem and I'm able to usr this laptop again. Thanks.”

Chris P.

“Worked just as descibed.This program will actually save me money now that I can purchase locked drives at 1/10th regular price and just pay to unlock. Saved me $50 so far on only one laptop drive. Believe them, this works.”

E. Mehlhart

“I was given a HD that was locked by being in a modded Xbox (original). I didn't have any way to get he unlock code from the Xbox so I purchased HDD Unlock and it worked like a charm. Now I have a, like new, 160gig HD for extra storage. Thanks HDD Unlock your product was worth $14 easy!”

Tony Glass

“I would just like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. Spent 3 days trying a load of different techniques to unlock the drive none worked. Used your great bit of software and was unlocked in 69 minutes unattended of course :)”


“I had an Xbox with a 200GB HD in it. Somehow the HDD Key got corrupted as I was rebuilding the C drive. Seems I had some bad XBE shortcuts. After hours of searching for alternative methods i.e. Xbox HD maker, master password and possible freeware I found this program. I was unsure, but viola! I was sure the drive was a paperweight but after 2 hours it was ready to be formated! Thanks for such a one of a kind service!”

Doug Adams

“This program was amazing, I spent $5 to unlock a modern 10gb hard drive. It was cheaper then buying a new one and it works GREAT! Thanks!!”


“3 days looking for answers on the web, lots of trial and error methods. Found HDD Unlock and everything worked as it should. Very accesible price too.”

Hector Lara

“I was out of options and couldn't unlock the hdd utilizing any form of password paid for the 40gb virtual card and 20 minutes later the drive was unlocked and accessable. Oh thank you..”

Michael Putton

“I was afraid my hard disk was going to have to go in the trash - nothing I tried had any effect. Then I rad HDD Unlock Wizard, and it said my disk could be unlocked for only $4.95. I thought, "Why not give it a shot." I was amazed at the result! My disk works perfectly again, and I couldn't be happier.”

John D.

“This is an amazing little program. It worked as it was described. This saved me from having to replace the drive with a new one. Since all I needed to do was wipe the drive clean, it was the perfect tool. I found your program after searching for an hour or two. IT'S DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICE.”


“Absolutely fantasic service. I spent hours trying to find so called solutions to unlock my hard drive for free. Because hddunlock is done at their end, i think the small fee their charge is very reasonable, and it has unlocked every hard drive i have done it for. Even did the xbox one!”

Paul Smallman

“Simply the best hard drive unlocking service & program there is. Don't waste time searching the web for promises that simply fail. Come to the best hard drive unlocking there is. You will get a quality product easy to use & professional service PC shop had my 250Gb hard drive for 2 weeks quoted high cost to unlock my drive stated it needed special software program. HDD Unlock Wizard unlock drive in under 2hrs. Now its up & running again

Will tell my friends. Thanks again.”


“This software is FANTASTIC had a 250 gig maxtor locked this did the tric just as it said im very happy with this app if you need it get it NOW :)”


“I had drives laying around that I knew were locked and I never could find a solution until HDD Unlock Wizard. I didn't care about the data I just wanted the drive to use. I paid the fee, and less than an hour later I had a usable 60 GB drive! It also told me that another I had wasn't supported, saving me time and money! Way to go fellas!”


“It is fantastic to find a utility that does what it says it does! It was VERY easy, it worked VERY well, and was great value! The entire process was completely smooth. I used it on two disks that I had taken to a commercial computer repair business and they said, "These disks have something seriously wrong with them - our testing software won't even run on them. You should just throw them away". I paid them $25 to 'analyze' the disks to determine the problem. I ran hddunlock and now the disks are back in use and working perfectly. Thanks for a terrific product!”

Walter Rowntree

“Me llamo Ildefonso y soy de Espana. El servicio ha sido fantastico [(Le das al link de paypal, te lleva al pago, lo aceptas y luego vuelve automaticamente a la web y aparece el codigo (Que tambien te mandan por E-mail)]. Ponia que iba a tardar 74 minutos pero cuando faltaban 25 acabo. Mi disco duro ha vuelto de entre los muertos. Solo podrian mejorarlo si no cobraran XD.


Ildefonso Iglesias Mourino

“Fantastic service guys, really amazing software, only need 25 minute to unloc 160GB sata Drive. Thank you so much for your help.”


“I wasted HOURS trying to unlock the HDD myself even with the help of WD. HDDUNLOCK.COM unlocked it in just a few minutes. Somehow it had ceased to be 80Gb (showed only 31), they had a utility to restore it to the factory size. The price was certainly right. THANKS!”

Roland Crump

“I bought a second hand laptop that had a locked hard drive. This tool was very easy to use, and the most cost effective method I found. A+ rating, thanks.”

Chris Thomas

“I recently used your software to unlock my 160 G hard disk and would like to express my appreciation since it worked perfectly. Prior to using your program, I tried other sources which was a total waste of time and money. I believe this is a great service with a reasonable price. Thank you and all the best”

Naser Ghasemlou

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